Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Men's 1st league results to date!

SACS 1st                5 v 2      UCT
SACS U20              9 v 1      WP Schools U19
WP Schools U19     1 v 14    SACS 1st
UCT                        3 v 7      SACS U20
UCT                      10 v 0     WP Schools U19
SACS 1st              10 v 0      SACS U20
WP Schools U19     5 v 7      UCT
SACS U20              0 v 10     SACS 1st

Ladies results to date!

   1          SACS 1st Ladies             1 v 4     UCT Ladies
   1          Silvertree Ladies            10 v 0     WP Schools U19 Ladies
   2          WP Schools U19 Ladies 2 v 3     SACS 1st Ladies
   2          UCT Ladies                    3 v 3     Silvertree Ladies
   3          UCT Ladies                  10  v 0    WP Schools U19 Ladies
   3          SACS 1st Ladies             2 v 8     Silvertree Ladies
   4          WP Schools U19 Ladies 1 v 5      UCT Ladies
   4          Silvertree Ladies              6 v 1      SACS 1st Ladies

Monday, May 17, 2010

Catch up games to be played at Reddam on Tuesday 18th May

Games at Reddam:

Tues 18 May 2010.

1) 18h00 1 Men’s 2nds (pool A) Westerford v (pool A) UCT
2) 18h30 1 Men’s 2nds (pool B) VOB v (pool B) Silvertree
3) 19h00 2 Ladies UCT Ladies v Silvertree Ladies
4) 19h30 2 Men’s 2nds (pool A) RWC v (pool A) Westerford
5) 20h00 2 Men’s 2nds (pool B) SACS veet v (pool B) VOB

Results 13 May

Mens 2nds (Pool A) SACS Jimmy 2 (Pool A) UCT 6
Mens 2nds (Pool B) Silvertree 4 (Pool B) SACS Veet 6
Mens 2nds (Pool A) RWC 7 (Pool A)Gorvics 5
Ladies SACS 1st Ladies 2 Silvertree Ladies 8
Mens 1st SACS 1st 10 SACS U20 0

Mens 1st UCT 10 WP Schools U19 0

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results 6th May

Mens 2nds (Pool A)Gorvics          4     (Pool A) SACS Jimmy  5

Ladies WP Schools U19 Ladies 2     SACS 1st Ladies        3

Mens 2nds (Pool A) UCT              3   (Pool A) SACS Foot     4

Mens 1st WP Schools U19         0    SACS 1st                   14

Mens 2nds (Pool B) RWC Colts    9    (Pool B) UWC             0

Mens 1st UCT                             3    SACS U20                  7

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Games scheduled for today 6th May

Please note all games scheduled for Westerford are cancelled today the 6th May.

All games scheduled at SACS for today will be played as per schedule!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Results from games played on 29th April

Mens 2nds (Pool A) SACS Jimmy 4 (Pool A) RWC 6
Mens 2nds (Pool B) UWC 6 (Pool B) SACS Veet 11
Mens 2nds (Pool A) SACS Foot 9 (Pool A)Gorvics 5
Ladies SACS 1st Ladies 1 UCT Ladies 4
Mens 1st SACS U20 9 WP Schools U19 1
Mens 1st SACS 1st 5 UCT 2

Rob Lumb, convener of Western Province Water Polo says:

"Having watched our team’s performance at the recent World Championships in Rome (senior men and woman) the Junior World Championship in Croatia (under 18 Boys), and the Under 18 Girls in Russia it is very obvious to us that we were not doing enough in preparing our water polo players for international competition. The reformated league is aimed at addressing this aggressively and we intend to continue on the work done in the Super League into 2010".


All enquiries to robertlumb@gmail.com